Inhibiting-Repairing-Strengthening (IRS) Technique

As we are building more and more structures everyday, there is a great need for eco-friendly techniques of retrofitting old and damaged structures once the structures approach their lifetime.

IRS technique

Conventionally, Externally Bonded (EB) Technique is used to retrofit Reinforced Concrete beams/other members of damaged or old structures. This technique uses Steel plates or Fiber Reinforced Polymer as strengthening materials. In this method, the deteriorated concrete is removed and corrosion inhibitor is applied on reinforced bars which are present internally. Then cover concrete is restored followed by adding strengthening systems.

But, this process is not Environmental friendly. An alternate method of retrofitting RC members is being studied by various researchers from past 2-3 years. This method uses stainless steel fabric in the cover concrete and Steel Reinforced Geopolymeric Matrix (SRGM).

Aravind Samala